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How Are You Feeling Right Now?


Do you often feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating certain foods?


Do you often crave chocolate, sweet foods, bread, cereal, or pasta?


Do you have difficulty sleeping? Do you still feel tired 20 mins after getting up?


Do you feel too tired (mentally or physically) to exercise?


Do you suffer from pre-menstrual symptoms, mood swings, or have difficulty concentrating?


Are you gaining weight and/or finding it harder to lose weight?


Do you feel stressed, irritable, anxious, overwhelmed, emotional, or overreact?


Are you tired most of the time? Do you have energy dips during the day or after meals?

Mindset & Happiness

Does negative thinking hold you back? Do you feel defeated or demotivated?

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Do you focus more on what you don’t like about yourself?

How does it work?

3 Steps to a healthier you

Let me get to know you

Before we meet, you will have to complete a pre-consultation questionnaire. Your first consultation will last around an hour. I want to get to know you and what has brought you to this point in your health

Personalised plan

I will create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme specific only to you.

Regular Meetings

We’ll meet weekly or fortnightly to review your progress, tweak what’s not working. You’ll be provided with a written health plan with meal suggestions, recipes & work out guidance on how to keep your progress going.

Once you have completed the pre-consultation questionnaire please email it back to me at

I will be in touch soon.