Antigoni Grizi

I am creative, person-centred and evidenced based Dance Movement Psychotherapist (RDMP), and UKCP registered trainee, using integrative and humanistic approaches, working online but also face to face from in different areas across London. I am highly passionate about my job, and I enjoy supporting vulnerable individuals to reach their full potential in life. I am able to face extremely challenging situations while working with perplexing cases and profound trauma and I can remain calm under pressuring circumstances, providing useful aid to my clients and making them feel that they are always heard, seen and in a safe place to express their inner worries and disturbing emotions. I receive clinical supervision twice a month with an accredited UKCP- ADMP supervisor.

I am an advocator of the belief that everyone can be healed and find their own unique pathway in life, regardless of the level and number of hardships and past traumatic experiences that they have experienced, since I think that humans are capable of constructing their own happiness with success if they discover the power that lies within them. The chemistry between therapist and client, a strong therapeutic relationship based in respect, empathy, transparency and kindness, the willingness of the client to shape their own goals and aims within the therapy context as well as the passion and dedication of the therapist, play a paramount role to the progress, blossoming and evolution of the individual and are the key principles which I chose to centre my therapy work around.

Mental Health And Nutrition

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