Matilda Sela

Registered Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & skilled in cooking

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Matilda Sela

Co-Founder & Owner Of Mes-Nutri Ltd.

I have been interested in this career for several years, since I was 15 years old. I enjoy chemistry and food-related subjects and I am interested in working for the health service. As well as this I am intrigued about how the body works and the influence nutrition has on this, especially with clinical nutrition. I find myself determined to work hard and fight every disease through nutrition. I chose to attend a university back in Greece with a higher profile course than any other universities.

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Client Testimonials

Matilda has been a great nutritionist and professional since my partner and I met her. She supported us in the best way by answering scientifically all the questions we had about nutrition and exercise. Additionally, her advice made a great impact on our lives by helping us adopt a healthier lifestyle. Last but not least, she always showed confidence when working with us which made us feel ready for life experiences. If you would like to follow a healthy nutrition plan which can change your emotional well being and body shape, definitely visit Mesnutri LtD.

Kyparissia Gavriil

I had a great experience working with Matilda. If you want to transform your body with permanent results Matilda is your coach. From Nutrition advice to One- to-one fitness program you will achieve your goals as I did! Thank you Matilda!

Dimitra Darra

An amazing nutritionist! She helped me completely change my lifestyle for the better with a combo of tasty and nutritional diet and exercise. Very kind and polite as a person and very motivational! Would definitely recommend her services!

Athanasia Rini

If someone motivates you, she has a name which is “Matilda” then you are experiencing a beautiful feeling together giving you instructions and exercises .. Each of you needs motivation. Men, you are lucky to have 1 Pearl Instructor

Flori Ridi

Matilda is a professional Nutritionist and personal trainer who can change your life style to a better healthy way. Highly recommended


Fantastic service from Matilda, knowledge and communication was first class. Great use of technology to provide some really insightful facts and guidance which ultimately kept me engaged and motivated.

Simon Bradeley

After a difficult period in my life my nutrition was bad as a result to gain weight and feel depressed. When I found Matilda we started a new nutritional life. She is very supportive and she gives me motivation. She is a good listener and she is taking into consideration everything that I want to ask for. She has patience and she is always informed even about new searches and studies about nutrition, type of diets, and psychology.

Elona Lappa

I can definitely recommend Matilda. She has great knowledge of nutrition and exercise. I have lost well over a stone on the diet she put me on and am fitter and healthier as a result. She was very honest and firm about the health risks of carrying excess abdominal weight and my need to lose it which was just I needed and I now have a BMI in the normal range.

Matthew Taylor